Lee Kum Kee

Product Integrity

100 - 1 = 0
Food safety is our lifeline.
Under our quality management philosophy “100-1=0”, we ensure the highest food safety and standards.

Food Safety and Supply Chain Integrity

We keep track of every step along our production process, “from Farm to Fork”.

Our plants are externally certified to meet a variety of food safety, quality and environmental standards and dietary preferences.

Product Options
Health and Dietary Attributes

We listen to our customers’ needs and provide new products to cater to a variety of tastes and eating habits.

Made from
non-GMO ingredients
No added
Suitable for
No added MSG
Suitable for

Product Environmental Stewardship

We focus on weight, material composition, reduced environmental impact and recyclability along our value chain.

The weight of some of our glass bottles has been trimmed from 370 grams in 2008 to 265 grams in 2016.
Equivalent to
of the waste glass bottles
generated in Hong Kong every year.
In 2016,
14,830 tonnes
of glass kept out of landfill.
In 2016 alone,
21 million
glass bottles were replaced by
recyclable PET bottles.
We have avoided
4,870 tonnes
of glass consumption.

...which can build
46 Louvre Pyramids.


Flexible Packaging

2010 2016 2.7 Times

In view of the sustainable advantages brought about by flexible packaging, we have increased the total use of flexible packaging.