Lee Kum Kee

Caring for Employees

Our people are our greatest asset.
web.female 42%
web.male 58%

With almost 5,400 employees globally, we have a diverse workforce in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the United States and the United Kingdom.


We promote the Tri-Balance concept to maintain a healthy, happy and work-life balanced culture.

Health Family Career

Our employees have been part of the Lee Kum Kee family for over 6.3 years.

Communication and Engagement

We share information with our employees through corporate announcements, our company magazine, Corporate Link, and our Intranet. Employees are encouraged to provide feedback through anonymous channels, for example, the employee suggestion box and annual engagement survey, or directly by email to the Chairman’s Mailbox.

The overall response rate of the 2016 Employee Engagement Survey was 99%.

In 2016, close to 4,800 employees attended our Mass Communication meetings.

Learning and Development

We provide various types of training to strengthen our talent worldwide and to support our people to develop their careers.

Technical & Functional Skills
Sales & Marketing
Health, Safety & Environment
Corporate Culture
Management & Leadership
Personal Effectiveness